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CD: Amatis Trio & Ib Hausmann Klarinette,
Olivier Messiaen - Quartett auf das Ende der Zeit

Aachnener Zeitung 3/2022

„Eine der wichtigsten kammermusikalischen Veröffentlichungen der letzten Zeit“. 


The recording is superb, and anyone who paid attention to it would likely have been motivated to get it into listeners' hands (or onto hard drives) as soon as possible. The Amatis Trio has gained plenty of attention as an up-and-coming chamber group, and herejoined by clarinetist Ib Hausmann, the trio cements its reputation by taking on the Quatuor pour la fin du temps, a work that is genuinely difficult, both technically and interpretively. It is not just the long lines that have to be maintained through periods of slow-moving, almost static music. It is that the performance captures the mixture of rigor and religious mysticism in Messiaen's quartet, the feeling of floating waves that has to be somehow added to the structures. Consider Hausmann's work in the treacherous solo clarinet movement, "Abîme des oiseaxu." There is a remarkable kind of warmth here that is as compelling as it is rare...



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Neun Stücke
 (1963) 32:04
for clarinet and piano

Rotationen (Entw.) 05:08
Version for clarinet, violoncello and piano

Katenarien (1972) 06:53
Version for solo violoncello

Schwebende Klänge (1968) 04:52
Version for violoncello and piano

Katenaria (Audiogramm) (1972) 16:28
Coloured graphic score in 28 sheets for solo piano

Rotationen (Entw.) 06:15
Version for clarinet, violoncello and piano

total time  74:41

Ib Hausamann clarinet
Peter Bruns violoncello
Frank Gutschmidt piano


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Beschreibung: Beschreibung: http://www.berlinjazz.de/Ib/audio/audio_symbol.gif  Interview vom hr2 (06/2011)